Tillside Panorama


Chatton Ward

Chatton Ward covers Amerside Law, Broomhouse, Chatton, Chatton Mill Hill, Chatton Park, Chatton Park Bank, Chatton Park Farm Cottages, Cheviot View, Church Hill, Clavering, East Horton, Fowberry Newhall, Heathery Hall, Henlaw, Hetton House, Linkey Law, Mill Hill Farm, Old Lyham, Shielhope, South Lyham, Wandon, Weetwood Hill, West Horton, West Lyham, West Weetwood, Fowberry Mains, Fowberry Cottages.

Chillingham Ward

The ward includes Chillingham Bank Top, Castle, The Square, The Bothy, Chillingham Barns, Hepburn Bell, Hepburn Moor, Old Bewick.

Hetton Ward

The Hetton ward includes Hazelrigg, Hetton Law, Hetton Hall, Hetton Limeworks, Hetton Steads, Hetton North Farm, South Hazelrigg, North Lyham, North Hazelrigg.

Lilburn Ward

Lilburn ward covers Chillingham Newtown, Chillingham Newtown Mill, East Lilburn, Ilderton Station, Lilburn Glebe, Lilburn Grange, Lilburn Hill, Lilburn Steads, West Lilburn, Lilburn Tower.

Contact Details

You can contact the parish clerk, Mrs E I Hunter, by email at: